From: The desk of Matt Sison.
Date: July 15th, 2012
Subject:  Release what’s been blocking you with concepts and methods that work!

Dear Professionals,

My name is Matt Sison. 

My official title is certified hypnotherapist, however, ask my clients and they will tell you that I am more an expert at helping people release the resistance to what they wish to live in their life. 

I've been doing this over 14 years and I'm well known in my industry. 

I've been teaching healing boot-camps to other therapists, with my good friend Randy Shaw, for the past 4 years.  Therapists from all over the world come to learn from us: Canada, U.S., UK, Turkey, Thailand, and Australia, Serbia, just to name a few.

I've had referrals from some of the top hypnotists in the country. 

But not only hypnotists, I've had referrals from Medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, other counselors and therapists.

Basically they handed their clients over to me, when they felt the client had a deep rooted limitation or belief that prevented them from moving forward with mental, emotional and physical health.

My Perfect Affirmation system isn’t something I just came up with overnight. I didn’t decide one day to just throw a few techniques, concepts and modalities together and hope they provided my clients the results they needed. The Perfect Affirmation isn’t just another program; it’s not just another system.

It’s me…more so, it’s my 12 years of experience “in the trenches” working, as Dr. Eric Robins mentioned above, with some of the toughest cases out there – cases that other therapist gave up on.

Why was I able to do this? Why am I able to help people when others can’t?

It’s not magic and it’s not because I found some super-secret technique. It’s because I put those 12 years of technologies under my ‘microscope’ to find out what authentically and honestly worked, when my clients could find no perceived way out of their situations and challenges. 

You know what I found? 

Most of what was taught to me was a lot of misguided “flashy techniques” that needed some paring down to get to the truth of what truly worked. 

On top of that, since I worked heavily on myself to find the truth, I was inspired with insight that helped pull me and my clients out of the some rough situations.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in these 12 years and integrated them into my “Perfect Affirmation system” Unlike the standard version of The Perfect Affirmation which teaches individuals how to improve their own life you’ll discover how to use this system to change your clients lives forever!

You’ll have instant access to a system that has never been seen before and draws upon concepts, methods and techniques from some of the most effective and powerful technologies for healing. You’ll learn first-hand from me as I train you step by step in how to Utilize my Perfect Affirmation system within your practice.   

So, have faith in knowing that you are on the right track simply by being on this site, today.

I often say, I wish I had something like this system, when I first started my career. 

This system goes deep into the heart of the matter of what is causing your client’s ailments and challenges, quickly, but gently! 

It never pushes to get to the heart of your clients challenges; rather, it works with your clients minds in an organic and natural flow!

Please understand that there is a perfect system to how the mind works. 

You can’t force that system to heal your clients.

You have to work within the mind’s parameters in order to help guide your client back to clarity of thought and right action, but moreover, true intuition. 

When your clients learn how to live out of true intuition, they will live with intuitive foresight and inspired action.

See, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you have to get your clients to think positively when they are in their deepest and darkest holes. 

Are you kidding me? 

I tried that for myself and my clients… especially after researching modalities that looked promising, but when tried on myself or clients, it blew up! 

I don’t know about you……

…….but I had enough of that. 

Everything I kept reading; or every seminar I went to was about the same old re-hash information packaged with a different bow. 

They all wanted me to help my clients THINK their way out of their situation or “mind control” them into a better situation. 

Pardon my French, but – that’s CRAP.

I want my clients to truly heal, from the inside out! 

I want my clients empowered with REAL tools that help them live their lives with more peace and grounded strength. 

If you try to help them out think their problems away or “hypnotize” them into a “better” situation, at best, you will only get a temporary fix. 

They’ll feel good for a little while but then either the same situation comes back with more intensity or a new “symptom” will replace their old “symptom.”

Let’s get past that already and move forward. 

What exactly is The Perfect Affirmation?

At the heart of the matter, it is simply an effective means of tapping into your clients challenges, and releasing the unconscious, subconscious and conscious blocks that prevent them from living the reality they wish to live; and then filling in the holes that the release left, so that something new will fill in the spots that were being held by the old feelings and perceptions. 

This leaves space for a renewed life.

The backbone of The Perfect Affirmation places emphasis on living a peaceful life. 

It's in peace, where we are balanced and grounded, with minimal resistance to what we truly what to create or attract in our life. 

It's in peace where our lives flow and we have our most profound moments of intuition, where we can live out of intuitive foresight and act out of inspired action.

Some of the main components that make up The Perfect Affirmation come from concepts of hypnosis, hypnotherapy regression, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, Meditation, Affirmations, yoga and Martial Arts  - to name a few.

I studied each one in depth and literally – and I say this humbly - mastered each component. 
I was significantly influenced by my martial arts training. 

With a 2nd degree black-belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu, I learned that the flashiest moves were only there to mesmerize the unknowing

But once the unknowing got past the flash, the flash was insignificant and at times debilitating.  I realized that a profound and deep understanding of the basics would be enough to overcome most challengers. 
I have taken that same philosophy to form the basis for The Perfect Affirmation system.

It's a system that pares down the basics of some of the most popular healing concepts and techniques out there today, into its most basic, but most powerful truths.

What makes those basics so advanced are the subtleties that most people will over- look,  because they're too busy watching or are mesmerized by the "flashiness" of the technique,  that many times will only help the "symptom" and do nothing for pulling out the roots. 

Thus, the problem continues in the same form with more intensity or a new challenge replaces it with more energy, distracting the individual from what originally created the problem in the first place.

The Perfect Affirmation system focus is to not to focus on the flash, rather, the focus is on the basics to get to the heart of the matter.  It is a direct, but versatile approach to healing that leads to more permanent, efficient, and effective results.
Please understand that basic doesn't always mean easy.

However, once truly mastered, it is extremely satisfying with an air of easiness.

Pay attention to this Bruce Lee quote…

"In JKD (Bruce Lee’s Art), one does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.

Before I studied the art, a punch to me was just like a punch, a kick just like a kick. After I learned the art, a punch was no longer a punch, a kick no longer a kick. Now that I've understood the art, a punch is just like a punch, a kick just like a kick. The height of cultivation is really nothing special. It is merely simplicity; the ability to express the utmost with the minimum. It is the halfway cultivation that leads to ornamentation. Jeet Kune-Do is basically a sophisticated fighting style stripped to its essentials...

To me, the extraordinary aspect of martial arts lies in its simplicity. The easy way is also the right way, and martial arts is nothing at all special; the closer to the true way of martial arts, the less wastage of expression there is."

Bruce Lee

How to use two very powerful phrases to get to the heart of the matter at any point in the session.

How to streamline the session so you stay on track and forward moving

How to help your client create their perfect affirmation for them that comes from their subconscious mind.

You'll be able to teach the client a powerful technique that uses affirmations as a way to clear their blocks, while nudging them forward, all the while, keeping them grounded in present.
How to use that affirmation as a "test" to see how well you helped clear the emotions that blocked your client’s success
How to achieve AUTHENTIC forgiveness.

How to find the good, in even the worst situations and experiences

Why "good" feelings can be just as damaging as "bad" feelings

You'll learn about the upper limits of good energy and how it creates sabotage

How to help your client create a life from their affirmation, so that very clear suggestions come from their own subconscious minds, thus, the suggestions are personalized to them.

How to find the experiences that your clients had, which is creating familiar patterns of sabotage
How to clear those experiences of old feelings and perceptions, so they can powerfully come to their own sense of clarity.
How to use that clarity as a way to help clients get "back on track"
How to keep the client from telling the same “story,” so they can heal.

How to help the client separate the feeling form the “story.”

How to keep the client from “thinking,” so they can trust the process.

How to give the client his/her power back.

You'll learn whether or not you should go for an ISE (Initial Sensitizing event), and if it even matters.

You'll learn why peace is the most amazing place to take your client, as opposed to excitement and euphoria.

You'll learn how both fear and excitement are simply 2 sides of the coin and why both need to be released, and not held on to.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Keep reading and I’ll share exactly what you get with this program below!

Get My "Perfect Affirmation system"
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Revolutionary System to Help Your Clients Change Their Lives!

All over the Internet you can find complicated affirmation, meditation, hypnosis courses and guides with hundreds upon hundreds of theories and assumptions but not this one. This system goes beyond theory into practicality and reality.

Everything is explained in a simple to understand format. You’ll be using this system to help your clients alter their lives forever.

LESSON 1 (INTRODUCTION) – A 3:49 minute video where you can see a personal message from me where I explain what you can expect from this incredible course (and the proper steps to make the most out of it)

THE PERFECT AFFIRMATION PROGRAM + 5 VIDEOS – In this module you can find the actual program consisting of: 1) the main PDF workbook (32 pages) with easy step-by-step affirmation exercises that will put you in the fast track to success. 2) 5 videos of one of my many seminars, in San Francisco, where I dissect the truth behind how to get what you want.  I also give practical and powerful exercises.

Video 1- 1:06 hrs.
Video 2- 49 min.
Video 3- 41 min.
Video 4- 53 min.
Video 5- 40 min.

LESSON 2 (FEEL YOUR WAY BACK INTO YOUR BODY) – How to you use your body, which is the gateway between what you are right now and what you want to be – this is an important lesson that will help you recognize why you have a body. (11 min video.)

LESSON 3 (PRACTISING RESPONSES) – How to “control” your physical sensations and make your body work positively for you – in this video (10 min approximately) you’ll discover the truth behind the 60,000 thoughts that we have in our mind in just one single day!

LESSON 4 (REBECCA’S VIDEO SESSION – PART 1- 15 minutes approximately) This is a special session that I’ve made with one of my clients, Rebecca, where we practice the affirmation/response exercise. All the exercises are conducted via LIVE Skype video session.

LESSON 5 (YOUR PERFECT AFFIRMATION) In this 9 minute video you’re going to learn how to create your very own perfect affirmations that will transform your life forever by allowing you to live out you want in this life!

LESSON 6 (AFFIRMATION/ADDENDUM) Two videos (19 minutes total) where you’ll be able to understand what you have to do with your perfect affirmation and what you can expect to achieve.

AFFIRMATION/RESPONSE HYPNOSIS AUDIO (20 minutes approximately) This is a practical hypnotic meditation that will help you to assimilate your perfect affirmation and make it a reality.

LESSON 7 (CREATING YOUR LIFE WITH THE 6/3 BENEFITS: 8 MIN VIDEO) - It’s time to create the life you’ve always wanted. In this video you’re going to learn the 6/3 benefits exercise and how it can positively affect your life instantly.)

LESSON 8 (6/3 SUB BENEFITS) Your subconscious mind loves details and in this 3 minute video you’ll be able to provide them!  You’ll also get to witness the rest of Rebecca’s session from the earlier lesson, where you’ll see how the whole process comes together.

LESSON 9 (6/3 GUIDED MEDITATION MP3)This 25 minute MP3 will put everything together and will help you to internalize and integrate your perfect affirmation!

6/3 Benefit Script – Here is the exact script I have in my MP3 that I give to clients.  You are given permission to record it, in your own voice, with your own music to give to your private one on one clients.  Your clients will love your mp3!  They’ll be wondefully amazed at how much they’ve learned from you by listening to this mp3.

Julia’s First Session – Watch how I handle a new client with a skin disorder, that doctors said she would have to live with because they could do nothing more for her.  This video contains video commentary from me, throughout the entire video breaking down everything I’m doing… and I mean everything!  At first it may seem like a lot but once you watch it over and over again, you’ll see how easy it really is!

Julia’s Second SessionIn this session, you’ll once again watch commentary from me, either video or subtitled, that breaks everything down into its essence.  You’ll also learn a technique that utilizes her subconscious mind to pull out the deep rooted suggestions that her subconscious mind truly wants her to live.  I’v had therapists tell me that this one technique was worth the whole program!

Julia’s Third Session In this video, once again, you will watch my video commentary giving you all the ins and outs of why I’m doing certain things.  It will be like you’re in my head!  This session puts it all together and will solidfiy your understanding of how this system works.  At the end I have a candid conversation with Julia and you can see her honest reaction to the whole progam and how amazed she is with the success she’s been able to have!

Suggestions For ProfessionalsLook, this isn’t one of those programs where I say watch these videos and then leave you alone.  I am going to walk you through this entire system.  I am basically holding your hand to make sure you get this.  My main goal is to make sure you understand everything I’m doing so you can make this your own, so you can heal your clients.  I’m even going to be answering your questions!  So feel comforted in knowing that I have your back!

Julia’s First Session (No Commentary)I included this video to see what you can do on your own.  This video is Julia’s first session with no commentary so you can see how well you’ve learned the program.  Test yourself and be amazed at how the words will easily come out of your mouth to keep the session in a steady flow!

What Are You Waiting For?

You're getting A Unique One-of-a-kind system, based on concepts of hypnosis, hypnotherapy regression, meditation, subconscious release methods, yoga, affitrmations, metrial arts and more, that Will Radically Transform Your Clients Life and Yours Forever!

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Only $197.00 $147.97

Listen, I know my Perfect Affirmation system works, as do the hundreds of clients who have already experienced it first-hand.

I completely understand that you still may be a little skeptical, and this is why I want to do everything I can to make you feel 100 percent comfortable and to make this a risk-free decision for you. 

And for that exact reason, I’m giving each and every customer who orders, an Iron-Clad, 60-day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee:

I think you’ll have to agree, that this sounds very exciting! To be able to help your clients get to the root of their issues and then cleanse those roots, so you can then help them move forward with inspired action is a beautiful thing. 

After all, isn’t that why we got into this career in the first place!  To help people?!

But I can sit here and try and convince you all day about how great this system is.  But what’s going to get you to commit? 

Alright, if I haven’t been able to convince you that my Perfect Affirmation system offers a unique way of helping your clients, then why don’t I just hand you over to one of my clients: Rebecca.

Rebecca got a hold of me as a referral from a friend of hers.  It’s the usual referral I tend to get – “Matt’s great, you have to see him! He handles tough cases all the time.  He’ll help you out.”

It’s been said that every person you help, you’ll get 2 referrals from that client, considering you did an amazing job.

I have to say, I’ve found that to be true.  Other than my personal website, I have not had to do any marketing.  The great majority of my sessions have been through client referral.  Why?  Because this system works!
Ok, I digress.

Back to Rebecca:  

Rebecca came to me because she had a deep anger and sorrow inside of her from a breakup with an ex that left her financially devastated. 

The ex-basically betrayed her trust and she lost a lot of money by offering to help him out.  This was someone that she deeply trusted!  If you’ve ever had this happen then you know how much that hurts.

Well, Rebecca had a hard time getting over this.  She found herself so extremely upset and her stomach was just tied up in knots…

Well, I’ll tell you what.  Let’s let Rebecca, herself, tell you what happened and how The Perfect Affirmation helped her in just 3 sessions!

Listen, I know my system works and I know it works well.  You may be wondering if this system can be integrated into what you’re already doing.  YES! It can. 

I have always told therapists, who’ve come to learn from me, that they should make this their own! 
They should not try to imitate me; rather learn from me by figuring out the concepts behind what I’m doing. 

Once you get the concepts and understand them fully, you’ll know how to apply them with your own personality to fit your client’s needs. And you know what? 

I’m an expert at teaching concepts in a way that’s very easy to understand so you can apply this system immediately!

Look, if what you’re already doing is working, then great!  Stick with it. 

But if you want to learn a system that helps your client truly heal, and not a technique oriented healing modality that just “paints over a dirty fence,” then buy this program now.

I guarantee you will be able to use it, with success, for your clients - or your money back!

What Are You Waiting For?

You're getting A Unique One-of-a-kind system, based on concepts of hypnosis, hypnotherapy regression, meditation, subconscious release methods, yoga, affitrmations, metrial arts and more, that Will Radically Transform Your Clients Life and Yours Forever!

Click the Link Below - NOW - And Instantly Download the The Perfect Affirmation

Only $197.00 $147.97

This is the definitive program YOU need.

I’m not trying to be one of those guys who sells you everything under the kitchen sink. I’m a healer, I help people, this is what I was born to do and I want to help as many of you as possible to do the same thing.
I’m not going to sit here and claim we have a limited number of programs or buy now because the price is going to go up soon.

That’s not who I am and those who have talked to me or know me will tell you I will NEVER BE THAT GUY!
I’m telling you this system works because I know this program works.

Besides that, you’re covered by a solid, honest money-back guarantee that removes all of the risk of this transaction. The only person that loses anything here is me.

My suggestion?

Click HERE to secure a copy of the The Perfect Affirmation program.
Once you have access dive right in and see for yourself! You will even have access to me in case you need it.
I’m sure you’re not going to regret it.

Thanks for taking your time in reading my really long letter :)

I’ll see you on the inside!

Matt Sison.

There’s NO risk. You can get instant access to The Perfect Affirmation risk free and try it for 60 days. If, in that time, you don’t see any results you can send an e-mail to and you’ll promptly be given a full refund. 

Grab It Risk Free Today

P.P.S  Do you have a question? If so, I may have answered it below!

Q: What is the The Perfect Affirmation and will it work? 

The Perfect Affirmation is a result of my 12 years of work.  It combines many healing modality concepts in one powerful and effective system.  This system has always worked when clients followed the material from start to finish.  It will work for your clients also!

Q: Will I have to stick to this program completely and discard some of my other training; even though I think that previous training is working well?

That's one of the beauties about this program.  It’s versatile, so you can incorporate it into what you’re already doing.  It can definitely help you strengthen what you’re doing or give you another angle to help your clients.

Q: Am I just going to just watch this program and find it too difficult to apply?

Look, nothing worth doing is easy.  You’re going to have to put some time into learning what I’m doing; and then watching and re-watching the all the videos, especially my recorded sessions with Julia and Rebecca so you can get a strong grip on what I’m going for.  But let me tell you this, once you grasp the basics, it all falls into place and you see how easy it really is! 

** I highly recommend that you purchase the videos where I work with Bonnie.  You include those videos and you will be amazed at how easy and effective this program is. **

Q: Can I use this system to affect different aspects of my clients’ lives?

Yes!  Actually, you may notice that as you focus on one aspect of their lives, with this system, other aspects of their lives get better!

Q: What if what I’m doing is already effective?

Well, I'm willing to bet that you're here because there's something that needs to change.  But if you are doing pretty well, then this program will help you stay in that realm.  More so, it will bring more peace and tranquility to your clients’ lives.

Q: I want to start helping my clients right now.  Will I have to wait for you to ship it to me?

 No!  The entire program will become immediately available to you, via download, after your purchase - no shipping fees, no waiting.  Results now!

Q: I’ve learned so many things. What makes this program different?

As I mentioned, many people go for the “flashiness” of the techniques.  They go from one seminar to the next seminar, only to learn more techniques that help the client “paint over a dirty fence,” only to have the issues come back stronger or replaced with another issue.  This system goes deep into the heart of the issue and helps you pull out your clients “roots” in a compassionate way.  Plus, it’s also a very fun system!

Q: Is this program suited for a complete beginner?

I find people that don’t have much training pick this up quick, because, they are the most receptive and open to learning.  With that said, if you’re open and receptive - despite how much training you’ve had - this will help.

Q: What if it doesn't work for me?

Then I don't want your money!

Simply put, if you follow this system exactly as outlined in the materials, and do NOT feel like your clients are finding more peace in their lives, just contact us and we'll refund your money.  It's that simple.

We stand behind our product as an effective and unique system that will help you tremendously; so no hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

 As you can see, the burden to deliver is 100% on me—the only thing you need to do is let me prove it to you!


What Are You Waiting For?

You're getting A Unique One-of-a-kind system, based on concepts of hypnosis, hypnotherapy regression, meditation, subconscious release methods, yoga, affitrmations, metrial arts and more, that Will Radically Transform Your Clients Life and Yours Forever!

Click the Link Below - NOW - And Instantly Download the The Perfect Affirmation

Only $197.00 $147.97

NOTE: The Perfect Affirmation program is a completely online program which consists of videos, workbooks, audio files, sessions and coaching lessons. No physical products will be shipped. After your order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the complete program.